Canada’s 150th Celebration

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This long weekend was brought to you by Canada’s150th Birthday! That’s right folks, it wasn’t just any Canada day, it was the 150! 150 years since Canada’s Confederation in 1867. Considering we are a pretty new country, 150 is starting to get up there. What did you do to celebrate?

As a Mountie Family we were succumbed to joining in the Parade. My husband works in a small town so every year for the past 3 years we have joined in the fun. When we first moved to that town, I was 4 months pregnant, so July 1st I would have been 6 months. As I was a balloon, I decided to ride in one of the police vehicles while my husband and daughter from another mother walked. Here’s a family pic to just show how huge I was… hard to believe I had 3 months to go!! Fast forward a couple years and there’s 4 of us.

Canada Day 2015
Canada Day 2017











Last year Annalise and I had the chance to join on the street as she would sit still in her stroller. This year, we chose to ride in the car again. There really was no discussion on what to do with Annalise. She is a toddling toddler after all. We hopped in the PC, lights and sirens, waving at the crowds. Annalise had fun watching Daddy and Abby throw candy out, while not forgetting to say hi to everyone. I think she was quite the crowd pleaser, then again I am biased.


Once the parade ended, Anna and I went to find Daddy and Abby. They were directing the parade into the event grounds. Abby was busy gathering candy and Daddy was socializing with the locals. I managed to scoop some candy up as well and save it for later, when desperate times call for desperate measures… which happened to be 5 minutes later as Anna was on a tear running for the horseys. She LOVED the ponies. Every chance she had, she attempted to crawl over and under the horse corral. “Horsey, Horsey!!” She was quite entertaining, but mostly a handful! Thank goodness we had Abby there to help catch her.

I have to admit, as much as Annalise is a handful and likes to run away, she is getting better! She managed to sit down with us on the grass and eat some lunch. It helps that she was hungry and seen big sister eating as well. There is hope after all! I have been seriously considering buying a leash for Annalise. She’s a runner! Everyone who knows her, knows you can’t take your eyes off her for a second or she’s gone!

Big sister Abby always gets her face painted. Okay, I shouldn’t say always. As there has only been two Canada Days where she has had her face painted. Both times, as cats… or so it looked like it. The first was Hello Kitty in 2013, then this year Minnie Mouse. I’m thinking she was inspired by her Minnie Mouse hat.

Canada Day 2013
Canada Day 2017











As the weekend wraps up, the girls and I are back in Prince George while we wait for Daddy to finish his last couple of shifts before holidays. I am a little saddened at the fact that this was our last year to join in the parade. The last 3 years it has been a planned routine. Next year is a whole new ball game and as much as we will miss being apart of the festivities, we cannot wait! James will be living with us full time, working in our city. Hopefully we can enjoy a full Canada Day down at the park as a family. The joys of being a first responders family, you never know if hubby will be working!

What does your family do to celebrate on Canada Day?! If you are from another country, what are your traditions?

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Mommy Kronicals