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Ah!!! It has been 10 days and I have fallen off the band wagon on writing. It has been a crazy last couple of weeks, but come on. That really is no excuse! Every mommy is craazzzzzy busy and has no time for herself! You may be wondering, or probably not wondering what Mommy Kronicals has been up to this summer. I have taken a bit of a break from writing to plan a toddler birthday party, take naps, strategize how I’m going to CRUSH my husband in our garage sale/eBay war. Yep you heard…. read that right! Soooo I should start from the beginning.

A couple weeks ago, my hubby came home from his work block and had this eager poop eating grin on his face. I asked okay, what’s with the grin? He replied with … “Well dear, I have a challenge for us!” Ah here we go, another new idea… let’s start a blog he said… I’m going to start vlogging… you’re going to start writing… let’s go garage sale shopping this weekend… then whoever can find the best “products” and sell them on eBay to make the most return wins! I had a chuckle and thought sure why not! Any excuse to spend money is a good one right? Especially when it’s not a lot of money and we get to do something different as a family.

Saturday morning rolls around and away we go with our garage sale route in hand. We forgot to get cash so the first few garage sales were a linger and observe test. We can do this! We head down the hill and grab cash on the way. Next stop was the “creepy doll lady’s” house. If creepy doll lady is reading this I’m sorry your not creepy, the dolls are! I bought 5 dolls for $10 (2 porcelain, 1 1992 20″ Cookie Kid, 1 1999 Hopscotch Heather, and 1 random baby doll for Anna.) The first porcelain doll fell out of the truck when we got home so that was a loss. The other two, Heather and baby doll, Annalise stole and well there’s no fighting a two year old over a doll. So she got to keep those two. The last two, the colonial porcelain and cooking kid are the remaining ones. It has been, well probably 3 weeks and I still haven’t sold them! If anyone knows me, they know that I am not a fan of dolls. Especially ones that talk… and eat cookies. I am not kidding. This Cookie Kid, eats the cookies AND says “Mommy I’m Hungry”! It is pretty creepy in my books. The first couple of nights knowing that doll was in my basement I snuck around the house like someone was watching me. This doll stands about 20″ high. The past owner had given this thing a hair cut so it’s hair is short. Then to add to it, it had a real life newborn diaper on it…. along with the other 4 dolls. Weird right? Anyways, this Cookie Kid is now on eBay for $3.50. I found a replica of this doll on eBay still in the box for around $140. You think someone would want this doll. It’s a collectors item! Maybe.

One of the first things my husband posts are his never used rock climbing gear. He has already made over $250!!! However, I am at the stand point that he is cheating! This rock climbing gear was never bought second hand. He had only posted a couple of his items form the garage sale, of which haven’t sold either. His finds included an old fishing real from Australia, and 2 painted saws. Among my dolls, I also bought 4 pieces of Blue Mountain Pottery (yet to be posted) and a glass flower serving dish. The serving dish was posted, but there really is not much market for them.

I really do love my husband dearly and his grand ideas. One day his grand ideas will be our reality. Or wait, aren’t they already? I have to admit when the first couple of bings went off on my phone for auction items it was fun to follow! Only downside was they weren’t my items.

Looks like I will have to hold our own garage sale to get rid of all the stuff we couldn’t sell!!! What kind of crazy ideas do your spouses have for family fun activities/challenges?

Much love,

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