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Over the weekend, Annalise and I went to The Little Bean Market to do some shopping and a little bit of networking with small local businesses. I am fairly new to this blogging world but my husband and I created Mommy Kronicals to share the products we love with other parents.  I figured it’d be great to meet some small businesses in person and see what they have to offer parents, and little ones of course. Anything to get through the day with a toddler and make life a little easier is always a bonus!

One of the many great products at the market was the Urban Turban Head Towels by Sheree. You may be wondering, “Urban Turban what’s that?” Well, I was curious as well so checked out Sheree’s display.

Turns out an Urban Turban Head Towel is a towel specifically designed to wrap up your hair after a shower or bath without the fuss of having the towel fall off over and over. Might I add while the towels falling off it’s tugging and pulling your beautiful hair with it. I am an impatient person and can’t stand things getting in my way of my morning routine. That ordinary towel wrapped around my head just doesn’t cut it. I can’t be dealing with an insubordinate towel when I have under 15 minutes to get my makeup and hair done. (This is all before my toddler wakes up, by then I must have my morning shower, hair and makeup done!)

Once engaged in conversation with Sheree, I just thought! “Wow, what a great idea! No more towel falling off my head, I need one of these!” We attempted to put one on my daughter, who by at that time was very cranky and needed a nap. So no such luck there. Sheree then showed us how easy it was to put one on herself with a simple twist and snapping of the button, voila! Although Sheree never invented this idea, her product is superior to many others on the market as she made the quality better! These are made from 100% terry cotton which are far more absorbent and soft than the microfibre ones you would see elsewhere on the market. 

Over the last couple of days I’ve been using my Urban Turban Head Towel and it’s been a time saver for sure! I’ve been able to brush my teeth, get dressed, and put my makeup on all in under about 10 minutes, without having to fight with an ordinary towel falling off and pulling my hair out! My hair takes another 5 minutes, but once I take off my Urban Turban Head Towel, there’s not much else I have to do. This fabulous towel gives my hair the body it needs to start the waves and curls off right for the day. I throw in some curl defining gel and we are good to go! My hair is medium length but thin (& lots of it!) so even on days that I blow dry and straighten that only adds another 5 minutes. However, once I take off my new Urban Turban Head Towel, it is much quicker to blow dry (prob 2 minutes!) as most parts are pretty much dry already!

As you can see in the picture below by the time I finished applying my blush the regular towel had fallen off and that was after an adjustment! The urban turban head towel was so much easier to use and best part was it stayed on without any adjustments. 

Why Urban Turban and not your regular towel?
  1. Its lightweight design doesn’t make you feel like your trying to balance something on your head
  2. It is snug and soft made from 100% white terry cotton to ensure comfy fit
  3. Super absorbent to soak up water from even the thickest hair
  4. Easy to use with the fastening system to ensure it doesn’t fall off
  5. Keeps hair out of face for morning routines and facials
  6. Saves time by not having to fight with a regular towel
  7. Many beautiful colours and designs, including custom designs for mommy and me
  8. Available in adult and children sizes

I highly recommend the Urban Turban Head Towel by Sheree to any mother, grandmother or busy woman out there! Sheree provides great customer service and is very pleasant to deal with. I am very grateful for having this opportunity to try out this fantastic Urban Turban Head Towel. I look forward to getting one for my daughter as well, once she sits still long enough to put one on. 

Why not pamper yourself every now and then?! You deserve it momma!

Much love,

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