Shopping with a Toddler

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Today my daughter and I had to get out of the house and get some things knocked off our to-do list. She is 3 months away from 2 years old. If anyone knows us, you know that my husband works out of town and usually on weekends it is just us two girls. I work a Monday to Friday job and as he works shift work, he is usually home during the week. Which works out perfect, sometimes.

Then there are the times where Annalise and I are left to our own devices on the weekend. What do we do? Well not a whole heck of a lot. Take today for example, we left the house and decided to go to the mall. We haven’t been to the mall for ages, and there’s probably a good reason for that, which I clearly forgot.


So here we are, we arrive at the mall. I park, turn around to check on baby as she was very quiet, and she’s sleeping! Yes you have it, she was sleeping. Finally! I couldn’t get her to nap all morning and she decides to fall asleep on our outing. There was no way I was going to turn around and go home. This was our time out of the house. (and I had some shopping to do!)

I quiety pull her stroller out of the trunk and slowly start to unbuckle her, in hopes that she keeps sleeping. Oh no, that is not my girl though. She’s awake. She surprises me when she actually lets me put her in the stroller. That was a miracle in itself. As she usually refuses to be buckled down into anything! Phew, so here we go, lets try this I tell myself.

We quickly do our rounds in the different stores of the essentials… like makeup and shoes of course. Anna trys on a pair of sketchers and insists she walk around in them. Which is fair! I ask her, how do those feel? Oh wait, your still under 2 and don’t really know what I’m talking about. So we take them off and purchase the shoes. She puts her rubber boots back on and runs for the door. “Anna no! Come back here!” I run out of the store with the stroller and shopping bags left at the till. Thinking to myself, don’t worry, your kid is more important! So we head back, I let her help pay and we are off again. She’s walking out the store with the shopping bag strung over her shoulder. How cute!

Time for some food, so we head over to the food court and run into my dad. As we are eating, my dad and are chatting away and Anna slips down onto the floor to pick something up. I look over at her beside me and within a few seconds she’s eating a leftover piece of bread from the floor! Who knows what kind of lips touched that!!! Oh the life of a two year old.

Skip ahead, and we are in Childrens Place looking for a sweater. It’s spring time, why would they have sweaters when there’s shorts and t-shirts on sale! Annalise finds some kids playing in the clothing rack and desperately wants to play with them. As we are on our way out, I let her find the kids inside the clothing rack and tell her it’s time to go, we need to go home. She says “no mom”. So I pick her up to carry her out and she grabs my face, nails digging in and slapping me with her other hand. I try to grab her arms with my other hand and tell her sternly to stop that’s hurting mommy. Of course, everyone is watching us. We quickly left the store and Annalise starts crying into my shoulder. A minute later and she is perfectly fine, happy as a clam again.As we hurry to the car, my dad in tow with the stroller, we quickly buy another Paw Patrol book as we had misplaced her previous book. She is obsessed with Paw Patrol and putting her to bed last night without reading Paw Patrol was a disaster all in itself. Anna carried her book all my herself to the till, but when it came time to pay she lost it all over again. The ladies quickly scanned it and gave it back to the crying toddler. That’s when she took off towards the door once again with Paw Patrol tightly gripped in her little fingers. “Anna no! Come back here!”


We finally made it to the car and strapped Annalise into her seat. My dad says to me, “Get that little girl in bed!” Oh if he only knew how hard I tried this morning to get her to sleep. Goes to show the true determination of a mother’s need to get a to-do list done. Through all the crying, screaming, hair pulling, we get shit done. It may be a lot of work and patience. Oh the patience! That is something I really struggle with. How do you do it one might ask. Breath. Just breath mommy, she is only 2.

We would like to hear your experiences or funny stories shopping with little ones! What do you do to make things easier?

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