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There are those people out there that say their children will never be allowed to watch TV! I was one of those woman that always said my kids won’t watch tv until their at least 2 years old and it will be very minimal! When we would look at vehicles, my husband would try and sell me on “but it has a TV in it!” I would tell him I don’t care, our kids don’t need that! They can look out the window. It’s better for them anyways!

Horrible mother right? Take a picture of my child crying… this one will be for her graduation! She was fine by the way. 

Then one day we decided to have a child. That child, my screaming toddler changed my views slightly. I still believe TV is not good for children, or adults in fact. It makes most people zone out and turn into zombies. My step daughter and husband are probably the absolute worst. I can walk by and say anything and they won’t hear me until I stand in front of them waving my arms. That makes me think, how can TV be good for us?! While watching most programs, our brains are stale and taken to another place. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my TV shows! It’s my way of winding down and not having to think about what I am doing next. It takes me outside of my living room. I really love to watch movies that take place outside of North America when I have the travel itch. My husbands probably not a big fan of those ones as I then begin to plan our next vacation! So in a sense, TV has it’s place. It may not be “good” for us ALL the time, but an hour or so every night isn’t all that bad either. It’s our time to relax and rejuvenate.

This brings me back to our motto, “Life in Moderation”. We strongly believe that everything can be done in moderation. Whether that be eat a McDonald’s cheese burger every couple months, or watch an hour of TV every night. My daughter is just about 2 years old. She has just begun to have some ability to sit still and concentrate on one thing. I am a very busy mom. I work 8.5 hours a day, pick up my daughter, find something to eat, get her ready for bed, and put her to bed. Heaven behold if I am out of groceries and need to run to the store! Then there’s no time to cook AND get her to bed on time. I try to get groceries done on the weekends so we aren’t enticed to pick up fast food after grocery shopping.The best days are when I pre-cooked some meals on the weekend and all we have to do is re-heat! This gives us plenty of mommy-daughter time.

Often after work, when I begin to cook dinner, Annalise is hungry and tired. She plays hard all day, goes none stop! Then when I’m home all she wants is mommy. It is VERY difficult to get dinner done with a child hanging off my leg screaming and crying. That is when I resort to a snack and Paw Patrol. “Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol, be there on the double!” That song plays over and over in my head. It is the ONLY show she will watch. We have tried other movies and children’s shows with no such luck. If I put on a show that is not Paw Patrol, she sits there singing Paw Patrol, then finds me in the kitchen with the remote saying “Paw Patrol?” Okay, Okay I give in, back to Paw Patrol. I know, I’m a horrible mother right. I spoil her with TV! And not just any program, it has to be Paw Patrol where the song plays constantly.

If your reading this and your a mother who doesn’t let your child watch TV while you cook, what do you do to distract them? Or is it just my child who’s a cranky pants around dinner time. I feel like a bad mom every time I turn on that TV. I really would prefer her to play with toys and use her developing brain. However, Paw Patrol is the only thing that will distract her long enough for me to cook.

Your probably thinking, wow she has a lot of excuses. Sure, it may be laziness that I haven’t tried to distract her with something other than TV. Honestly, I am exhausted by the end of the day. As I’m sure most mothers are! Once dinner is done, my girl and I have about an hour to hang out. We usually read some books, putter around the yard and have some cuddle time (yes in front of the TV).

It’s all about quick simple fixes these days and sometimes it is totally worth it to get a few extra minutes of peace to put some food on the table. To all you Momma’s out there who let your child watch TV, let’s stop the guilt trips on ourselves and enjoy the small amounts of time we do have with our children. I’m not sure at what age I started watching TV, but I sure turned out fine!

On that note, after writing this post, I am going to consciously try to avoid having her watch tv during this “witching” hour. It’s worth a try right? After all, there are new studies out there that say toddlers under 2 should not watch any TV at all! Maybe I’ll throw some crayons and paper at her once in a while… okay not actually throw, but you get my point! I will post an update of how this is going in the days to come. I challenge other mommy’s to try it too!

If you have any tips and tricks to keep toddlers distracted, I would love to hear them! What do your young children do while you cook?

Much love,

Mommy Kronicals