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You’ve probably seen me post a little bit here and there regarding essential oils and Young Living. Well, in the last 4 months I have been incorporating essential oils into our daily routines and cleaning supplies. It all really started when I purchased a Starter Kit from Young Living. I have heard lots of talk about essential oils and their benefits so when I seen the price of a Starter Kit compared to purchasing oils 1:1, I figured why not give it a go. It’s a great way to get started anyways!

You may be wondering, well why would I need essential oils in my life when I’m living just fine without them. I am a huge sceptic and thought the same thing. However, I do like to keep up with the times and figured if so many people are raving about essential oils I should give them a go too. Over the last 4 months, I have managed to change my routines to include my oils. Really, it is simple. Apply in the morning, apply when a headache/pain or BUGS appear, apply before bed. Most days, I only apply in the morning and bedtime. Throughout the day at work, I’ve managed to get my diffuser running too. Someone asked if it bugs my coworkers around me, I thought for a second, then remembered that there have been days when they complain I didn’t bring the diffuser. You see, we work beside a pulp mill and it is very stinky! Any day that smells amazing and not like pulp, is a good day.

Applying? What does she mean about applying? I have an array of roller bottles with a variety of mixes for different ailments. Here’s my witch craft (as my husband calls it) and how I use them! When I mention carrier oils to dilute, I prefer to use Fractionated Coconut Oil or GrapeSeed Oil. However, there are tons of different carrier oils you may use.

Eight of our Families Favourite Essential Oils Recipes
(all oils from the Starter Kit)

Tummy Ease
4 Digez, 2 Peppermint
In a 10ml roller bottle, drop the essential oils in then fill the remainder with a carrier oil of choice. Apply to tummy when feelings of nausea or upset stomach after a big meal. This is a great one to store in the purse while travelling. That is often where I can find my Tummy Ease roller. I don’t use this one every day. It is often used when we go out for dinner or travelling eating different foods. I have travellers anxiety and it’s not rare for me to get a stomach ache while in travel mode so this one has really come in handy!

Sleepy Time
10 Lavender / 10 Frankincense / 10 Copaiba
In a 10ml roller bottle, drop each essential oil in then fill the remainder with a carrier oil of choice. Apply to wrists, behind ears, base of neck and base of big toes. Every night I apply this on my wrists and base of foot. Then I put 1 drop of lavender onto my big toe in hopes that I don’t grind my teeth at night.

7 Peppermint / 7 Frankincense / 7 Panaway
In a 10ml roller bottle, drop each essential oil in then fill the remainder with a carrier oil of choice. Apply to the temples, base of neck, forehead and sinuses as needed. I have to say, I do use this one a lot. I love it so much, there is a second one in my purse for those random headaches while out and about. If you don’t have Panaway you can substitute it out for Lavender.

Wrist Pain/Aches
2 Peppermint / 2 Panaway / 2 Copaiba
In a 10ml roller bottle, drop each essential oil in then fill remainder with a carrier oil of your choice. Apply to local area of pain. I only apply this roller onto my wrists when they start to get achy. I have on and off again tendonitis, so this really helps with easing the pain. I find since using this, rarely do I have to ice my wrist after a long days work on a computer.

Immunity Boost
10 Thieves / 10 Frankincense / 10 Lemon
In a 10ml roller bottle, drop each essential oil in then fill remainder with a carrier oil of your choice. Apply to the bottoms of feet and spine every night or 2 – 4 times a day when sick. I usually apply this one when I start to feel a cold coming on. So far I have seen great results in fighting off a sickness. Usually I end up only with a slight cold that lasts a few days. Leaves me wondering if I actually even got sick. Or when there’s an illness going around the office I apply this one daily.

Bug Bites
8 Lavender / 8 Purification / 8 Peppermint
In a 10ml roller bottle, drop each essential oil in then fill remainder with a carrier oil of your choice. Apply to itchy bug bites to relieve pain and itch. I recently made this one for our travels down south, however, there are hardly any bugs on the island so it was only used a couple of times. It does help with relief though!!

Bug Spray
2 Citronella / 2 Lavender / 2 Lemongrass / Witch Hazel
In a 4oz glass spray bottle, drop each essential oil then fill remainder with witch hazel. Give it a little shake, and spray on clothing to keep away the bugs. About every couple of hours we re-apply. All these years we have used DEET bug spray. Now when I think about DEET I cringe. It’s scary how much crap is in that spray. This summer all we have used is this essential oil bug spray recipe and it has been fantastic! Along with the bug spray, I have my portable Orb Diffuser run with Citronella and Lemongrass. I plug it into my portable USB charger and away we go. Bugs be gone!


Face/Body Lotion
10 Frankincense / 5 Rosemary / 3 Tea Tree / 3 Lavender / 1/2 Cup Shea Butter / 2 TBS Jojoba Oil / 1 TBS Almond Oil / 1 TSP Arrowroot Powder
In a double broiler (glass bowl in a filled pot with 1/4 of water), melt the shea butter over medium low heat. Once it starts to melt, add in the jojoba and almond oil. Really you can use any other moisturizing oil you like. I chose these two to start with. Once melted, add in the arrowroot powder. You can omit the arrowroot powder if you like, or substitute for cornstarch/flour. The idea is that the arrowroot powder makes the lotion less greasy/oily.


Once those are all mixed up and the powder is clearly mixed in with the butter and carrier oils, remove from the boiler and pour into a mixing bowl. I used my Kitchen Aid bowl, as it was easy to hook up the attachment and blend it all together in the end. Put the bowl in the fridge (for an hour) or in the freezer (for 15 minutes). Once the mix is starting to solidify, it should have a hard layer on top.

Remove from the fridge/freezer and mix in the essential oils. It should start to turn into a body butter/creamy consistency. This is when you know it’s time to put your lotion into a jar. This recipe made me about 1/2 cup of lotion. I use this lotion now every morning as part of my routine. It hasn’t been greasy at all, and my makeup goes nicely on top.



It’s sooo nice to know what is going on my skin! I know every ingredient and best of all can pronounce everything! Another great feature of making my own face lotion and rollers is the cost associated. All these ingredients will last me for quite a few lotions and potions. To find out how you can get quality oils, visit my Young Living Page.

Our toddler loves her oils too! Every time she see’s me applying oils, she says “Anna turn, Anna turn!” Luckily, she has her own little roller bottles with safe recipes for toddlers. Stay tuned for more on oils safe for children/toddlers.

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