Diapers: You wouldn’t believe it! Or would you?

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Diapers and Garbage, Garbage, Garbage, YUCK!


When my now toddler was born I wanted nothing but the best for her. So at about 3 months we decided to switch to cloth diapers. We still used disposables for outings. No way I was going to carry around a poopy diaper! I decided solely off of one article review about the brand to chose, which was SoftBums and I didn’t look back!

Promise this isn’t an advertisement for SoftBums! But you will love them, if you do decide the cloth diaper route.

I ordered my starter pack of soft bums and we were on our way to saving the planet one diaper at a time! I LOVE my SoftBums diapers. They have an easy adjustment system so the same diaper can fit a newborn right to a 3 year old! They also have easy snap or Velcro shells, with your choice of bamboo or fleece liners. The fact that we would be saving tons of money, and not have so much garbage were the main reasons to switch to cloth. Oh, and the cute designs on my baby’s bum that no one sees. We ordered some other covers second hand later on that weren’t SoftBums and what a difference. We found that the other brands were much more difficult to use and their adjustment systems were not even close to the standard of the SoftBums. Needless to say, when we put more money into our cloth diaper’s, it will definitely be with SoftBums.

I should admit, I’m not using cloth diapers anymore since I went back to work and am single momming it part time. Although, I have promised my husband they are not a waste of money and we will be using them again with baby #2! I’m content knowing that even if we only used them for a year, we saved an upwards of about 2700 diapers not going into the landfills.

If you are unsure about what type of diaper to use, disposable or cloth, I highly suggest cloth! At least for the first year, while they don’t have such big poops and you have the time to wash diapers. The first year of a babies life, they go through up to 10 diapers a day!! That’s A LOT of garbage! If we can save the earth from one year of diaper garbage we would save the planet over 2700 dirty diapers!! And that’s just from one child…

Did you know that it’s estimated to take between 250-500 years for 1 diaper to decompose!!! That’s insane. That means for one child in just one year alone they produce on average 1 MILLION AND 350,000 years worth of diapers!!! YUCK!. Obviously they don’t decompose one after another and will all at the same time, but crunching those numbers makes me want to switch back to cloth!!!

On another note, I believe everyone should do what they can in moderation to save this beautiful world, not just for the planet but for your children’s children and so on! So even if it means we cloth diaper for only a year then so be it, at least we tried!

Tell me your experiences with diapering! I want to hear your down and dirty diaper secrets.

Much love,

Mommy Kronicals 😘